【Video】This is the speed of the TOP PICKER! who earns $35/h!


The speed of the TOP PICKER in old Sunray Farm! (now she works in the QFMT)

I introduced old Sunray Farm in this page before. (atm in Japanese but will be in English)

This time, I’m introducing a female TOP PICKER who was making $35/h in that farm!

Her name is Marliis! She’s an Estonian and now working also as a contractor of the QFMT.

(I have gotten a permission from her to update this video.)

What do you think!? Do you think she is too fast!? Or do you think you can pick strawberries as fast as she does!?

In my case, I thought “She could pick them in that speed, then I should be able to pick that fast, too!” So, I tried to catch up with her every time…… but I could never do!

In the old Sunray farm, it was said that the ratio/price of the strawberries was set to the point in which the top pickers could earn $35/h! Which means, if she worked 10 hours, then she earned $350 a day! And if she worked for seven days, then she earned over $2,000 (in the high season, not always)!

Now, she is working in a farm called QFMT in Stanthorpe. Then in May, she’s going to Caboolture to pick strawberries again.

The QFMT is different from old Sunray, but the boss of the QFMT is originally from old Sunray. So, the QFMT should be a good farm as old Sunray does.

If you think you would like to work with her, contact to:

As of 27 March, they said they were working 9 days in a row and needing workers for strawberries and raspberries. 

So, when will the High-Season come? Well, I have written the article with the title “【16 payslips revealed】When the High-Season comes and when is easy for 88 days” Please check this out!

Finally, this is the Facebook Group of this site for working-holiday makers. Feel free to get in and do advertisement here!



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